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By Kyle Krueger  |  Wed June 19, 2019   |   Safety Culture

What's Next?

To borrow a phrase from The Wizard of Oz, we in the safety industry are “not in Kansas anymore.” Those old familiar spreadsheets, processes, and equipment that got us to where we are today aren’t going to get us where we’re going. We’re stepping into the Land of Oz where big data, IoT, and connected safety form the yellow brick road we’ll follow...Read More


By Kyle Krueger  |  Mon June 10, 2019   |   Safety Culture

Can you hear me now?

These are exciting times for gas detection devices. What were once considered “electronic canaries” are now becoming bona fide connected industrial safety devices. We have made the transition from beep and flash to new connected safety solutions...Read More

How your Team Can Make Smarter, Faster, Safer Decisions

By Industrial Scientific  |  Thurs May 30, 2019   |   Gas Detection Equipment, Safety Culture

If you’ve ever checked a weather or traffic report before leaving your house, then you know that real-time information about what’s happening around you can help you make smarter decisions. If icy roads cause a five-car pileup on the highway, you know you’ll need to watch for ice and maybe find a new route...Read More

Using Area Monitors to Improve Efficiency and Safety of Confined Space Operations

By Industrial Scientific  |  March 6, 2019   |   Confined Spaces, Gas Detection Equipment

You’ve probably heard confined space horror stories a million times. The person inside of a confined space performing routine maintenance becomes unresponsive. The “hole watch” responsible for monitoring the work goes into the confined space to check on his partner and is overcome by the same deadly gas....Read More.

The Ins and Outs of Real-Time Area Monitoring

By Industrial Scientific  |  December 19, 2018   |   Gas Detection Education, Gas Detection Equipment

Area monitors are typically set up to create a buffer between workers and potential gas hazards, or as a perimeter around an area where work is being performed that could cause unsafe conditions. Real-time area monitoring requires instrument data to be continuously collected, processed, and delivered. This uninterrupted flow of information ensures access to real-time data from a PC or mobile device anytime and anywhere. In...Read More.

Confined Spaces. . .We Have a Failure to Communicate

By Kyle Krueger  |  November 5, 2018   |  Confined SpacesGas Detection Education

A quote from the 1967 film “Cool Hand Luke” perfectly sums up the problems that we all face with confined spaces: “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach.” Approximately 60% of all deaths in confined spaces are rescuers[1], because the men and women inside the space can’t communicate about the dangers within. According to a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)...Read More.