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Gas Detection by Application

See how our gas detection solutions work in real-life applications.

Lone worker

Hot Work

OSHA defines hot work as any work that produces a source of ignition or involves burning, welding, or using fire- or spark-producing tools. Hot work can be a dangerous application that presents risks from respiratory health hazards to electrical and thermal dangers.

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Turnarounds and Shutdowns

When it comes to turnarounds and shutdowns, the influx of maintenance workers, plant employees, and contractors can add confusion and uncertainty to an already complex and busy workplace. 

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Fence-Line and Perimeter Monitoring

Fence-line and perimeter gas monitoring creates a detection barrier that alerts you when gas hazards from a high-risk area could be approaching your workers. 

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Confined Spaces

Confined spaces can be extremely dangerous—low oxygen levels, combustible gases, and toxic substances are just a few of the threats you may encounter.

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Lone Workers

If a lone worker is exposed to hazardous gases, dangerous weather conditions, or has a medical emergency, how will you know? If you do find out, will you know where to send help?

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In-Plant Monitoring

Managing plant operations is a major responsibility. It's essential to not only maintain productivity and control costs, but also keep every worker safe. Knowing where health and safety hazards exist and prioritizing maintenance projects expands your ability to minimize risk and reduce plant downtime.

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Emergency Response

No matter how much you’ve prepared for emergencies with operational training or reliable equipment, there are always factors that are simply out of your control.

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Fleet Management

No matter how small or large your gas detector fleet is, managing it can pose challenges and hidden costs: lost productivity during downtime, diversions from other tasks, and unplanned costs for parts or replacements, to name a few.

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Personal Monitoring

Personal gas detectors are a crucial part of workplace safety when gas hazards are present. When equipped with personal gas monitors that are rugged and easy to wear, workers can focus on the task at hand without worrying about invisible hazards—no matter where the job takes them.  

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Industrial Scientific has definitely made our company safer. Knowing what our personnel are being exposed to and being able to react to those exposures quickly and effectively makes this program worth the investment, which is what it is—an investment in the safety of our employees and contractors.
Global health and safety manager,

leading pulp and paper manufacturer

I’m thankful that with Industrial Scientific, we have all of our gas detection information in one central system. We don’t need to use different systems to access historical and live data anymore. Having iNet, we have a reliable system for real-time readings and historical readings for investigations.
Health and safety leader,

leading refinery