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Gas Monitors for a Smarter Safety Program

PID Sensors For Ventis Pro 5 Now Available

Equipped with the most advanced, and accurate PID sensing technology, the Ventis Pro5 is now the most compact and reliable, connected five-gas personal monitor available to reliably detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

iNet® Now

Quickly and easily respond to workers in an emergency with real-time alerts showing who is in danger, where they’re working, and what hazards they face.

The Complete Guide to Gas Detection in Confined Spaces

Of all confined space deaths, 60% are rescuers trying to save a peer. Minimize this risk by using a confined space entry plan and the right gas detectors.

Tango® TX2

Protect workers, reduce false alarms, and spend less time managing your gas detector fleet with the Tango TX2.

iNet® Exchange

Always have a working gas detector when you need it with our simple subscription service that covers gas detectors, shipping, calibration gas, docking stations, training, and more.

Gain Awareness to Reduce Risk and Improve Safety

Minimize risk, maximize ROI, and act in the moment using real-time info about worker exposure to safety hazards.

The Complete Guide to Gas Detection in Confined Spaces Understanding Connected Safety Say Goodbye to Gas Detection Headaches

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As your gas detection needs have evolved, so have our products. We created the first wireless gas detector, developed a service to eliminate maintenance and repair, and found new ways to connect safety devices to ensure your teams are safe and productive.

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