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iNet® Control

iNet Control gas detection management software provides unparalleled visibility so you can easily manage your hazards, people, and equipment from anywhere, all with one simple dashboard.

And now you can access iNet Exchange from within your iNet Control software. 

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Know how gas detectors are being used, if your equipment is working properly, and what your people are being exposed to.


Save time on gas detection administration work by managing all equipment from one dashboard.  


Better manage worker safety by tracking critical gas detection data.


Accurately target improvements by giving the right data to the right people at the right time.


Reduce risk to your people and site by identifying risky behaviors.

iNet Control

How iNet Control Helps You Manage Your Gas Detection Program

Easily Manage Hazards, People, and Equipment

iNet Control gas detection management software provides unparalleled visibility into your gas detection program. The software helps you easily manage hazards, people, and equipment from anywhere, all with one simple dashboard. 

Comprehensive Gas Detection Management Software


Improve compliance with bump test reports, calibration trends, and print certificates for easy auditing.


Know exactly when alarms occur, how long they last, and create reports on highest alarm counts by gas and user.


Gain insights into equipment failures so you can stay on top of repairs and fleet maintenance.

Easy User and Site Tracking

Understand who was exposed to what gases and where with iAssign Technology, a quick and easy way to gain more insight into your gas detection program.

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Get insights into how your overall gas detection program is performing with the Performance Index.

Know when gas detectors are being used without a bump test and graph usage trends.

See what gases cause the most alarms and where you may have problem areas on site.

See which pieces of equipment need firmware updates or have not been docked recently.

How iNet Control Works


Dock your gas detector

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Automatically upload data to iNet Control

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Review critical information about your people, hazards, and equipment

Pair iNet Control with other popular tools to get the most out of your gas detection program.


iNet® Now

Quickly and easily respond to workers in an emergency with real-time alerts showing who is in danger, where they are working, and what hazards they face. 

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Operate with confidence during a chemical release using SAFER One’s dynamic plume modeling software that gives you real-time information to proactively respond.

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iNet® Exchange

It’s the simple way to maintain gas monitors. The iNet Exchange subscription service covers gas detector maintenance, repair, shipping, calibration gas, docking stations, training, and more.

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Gas Detector

Ventis® Pro5

This multi-gas monitor is the most flexible connected monitor on the market, giving you the power to manage worker safety anytime, anywhere—even in the most remote settings.

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iNet® Control Frequently Asked Questions

How many users can access iNet Control software?

There is no limit or added cost to the number iNet Control users. Various permission levels allow you to give specific access to specific people.