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Returned Goods Policy

March 2023

All requests for returned goods must be initiated through our Customer Service Department. Please call our toll-free phone number (800)338-3287 with the specifics of your request. The following conditions must be satisfied for consideration of applicable credit for the return of products purchased from Industrial Scientific Corporation:

  1. The item is unused and the package has not been opened.
  2. The item was shipped directly from Industrial Scientific Corporation.
  3. The item has not been damaged in shipment to Industrial Scientific.
  4. The item is saleable;
    1. Items containing date-sensitive parts such as sensors, must be returned within 1 month of the invoiced date.
    2. Items without date-sensitive parts must be returned within 3 months of the invoiced date.

A Return Authorization Number must be obtained from Customer Service and provided on all paperwork and packaging. To obtain a Return Authorization Number, please provide the reason for return, the date of purchase, your original purchase order number, and either our order number (on the packing slip or invoice) or our invoice number. The issuance of a Return Authorization Number is a verbal approval for return only and does not guarantee credit or allowance.

Returned goods must be received within 30 days of the issuance date of the Return Authorization Number or it will become null and void. If a product replacement has been issued prior to receiving the returned goods, and the product is not received within 30 days, we will attempt to reach you via phone or email in order to provide a 15 day grace period for the return. If the item is not returned within 45 days from the issuance date, an invoice will be generated for the return goods cost.

Necessary physical and mechanical inspection is completed upon receipt of the item. Applicable credit or equivalent allowance is determined after inspection of the returned item. If all of the above conditions are met, and the item has been approved to return to our stock, a restocking charge of 20% of the purchase price is deducted from the applicable credit. 


Shipping Notice to Partners in the US and Canada

Industrial Scientific regularly ships items that are classified as Hazardous Materials. IATA and DOT regulations require hazardous material shipments to be accompanied by properly prepared shipping papers, if required, as well as package markings that clearly identify the hazardous contents of the box. It's the shipper's responsibility to prepare the appropriate shipping paper documentation for each shipment of a hazardous material as well as properly labeling the box for before handing it over to the carrier.

When following our approved RMA policy for product return please make note of the points below to ensure the authorized return is not mistakenly identified as hazardous materials by the selected carrier.

  • Do not use RMA return shipping labels for any product other than the identified items on the RMA form
  • Do not return product without the corresponding RMA paperwork
  • It is recommended to not re-use any Industrial Scientific boxes that have any hazmat or warning labels already applied to the box
  • If you choose to re-use an Industrial Scientific shipping box completely remove or cover up all labels including but not limited to pouches, hazardous documents, carrier labels, hazmat labels, and warning labels
  • When participating in the recycle program and returning empty cylinders please follow the vendor instructions removing all hazmat labels from the cylinder and use an empty box free of any hazmat labels, documents, or pouches
  • When sending in Confined Space Kits for service or repair do not include your calibration cylinder in the return
  • Authorized return labels may not be used to return calibration gas including Bump-N-Go cylinders or lithium batteries


Examples of hazardous material markings