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iNet® Exchange

iNet Exchange is the only service on the market to cover gas detector repairs and replacements. This subscription-based service automatically delivers gas monitors to your door and simplifies operations across your gas detection program, from gas detector availability to cost and ownership.


Calibration Gas

Calibration gas is crucial to ensure the proper performance of your gas monitors, letting you know that your gas detector is functioning and responding to gas exposures as expected. Gas detection equipment should be bump tested daily and periodically calibrated to ensure the sensors in your gas detector are properly functioning.

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Docking Station

Streamline gas detector maintenance with the DSX Docking station. It provides automated gas detector charging, bump tests, calibrations, firmware updates, record storage, and fleet management, and flexes with your business needs. Choose from DSX-L, DSXi, or DSX Standalone based on your data access requirements.

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Automatic Calibration Gas Replenishment Program

Always have gas on hand without needing to reorder. Our Automatic Calibration Gas Replenishment Program is a free service for our DSX Docking Station or iNet users and is the most efficient way to manage calibration gas usage and needs. A new gas cylinder will automatically ship when iNet Control+ detects a low-level cylinder.

By joining the Auto Replenishment Program, you ensure that you and your team are never without calibration gas—and therefore never without a properly calibrated instrument.

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