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iNet® Now Live Monitoring

Respond quickly and effectively in an emergency and boost productivity with real-time visibility into worker and site conditions. Drive proactive safety improvements by identifying high-risk areas with visual summaries of gas alarms by type, location, user, and more.

iNet Now High Alarm

Instant Visibility into Critical Hazards

Get immediate alerts about worker location and status, including high-alarm, low-alarm, TWA, STEL, panic, or man-down situations. iNet Now automatically provides status updates using texts, emails, and on-screen notifications so you can respond fast when it counts. 

Live monitoring enhances worker and site visibility—even in the most dangerous conditions.

Know what’s happening with real-time text and email alerts for gas hazard, panic, and man-down situations.

Eliminate manual check-ins by instantly verifying worker status without burdening or distracting workers.

Respond fast using a live map that shows where workers are located and what hazard they face.

Identify high-risk areas with visual summaries of gas alarms by type, location, user, and more.

Rely on 24/7 Professional Monitoring to escalate incidents with a custom response plan. 

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Connectivity Improves Worker and Site Safety

Act Fast and Be Proactive

iNet Now gives you the power to act fast in an emergency and provides critical insights into how you can adapt workflows, facility maintenance, and behavior patterns to reduce risk and increase productivity.

iNet Now Highlights


Get a visual summary of areas where gas alarms have occurred.


Establish work zones to gather real-time insights about occupancy and entry.


Identify high-risk areas, manage contractor safety, and always know where to find your people.

iNet Now in Action

See all of the benefits iNet Now can bring to your gas detection program.

iNet Now High Alarm

Get real-time text and email alerts, so you know when and where you're needed.

Respond faster in an emergency with a live map that shows where workers are located.

Instantly verify worker status without burdening or distracting them with manual check-ins.

Create a map of work zones and allow operators to customize alerts for each zone.

See a visual summary of areas where gas alarms have occurred.

Automatically trigger a tailored response to alerts with 24/7 Professional Monitoring.

How iNet Now Works


Gas monitors automatically transmit worker status and location to iNet Now software.

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iNet Now sends an alert to the identified safety contact using a text, email, or on-screen notification.

With 24/7 Professional Monitoring, response center agents monitor your team and initiate your custom response plan.

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technical support

Help can then be dispatched when and where workers need it.

Industrial Scientific has definitely made our company safer. Knowing what our personnel are being exposed to and being able to react to those exposures quickly and effectively makes this program worth the investment, which is what it is—an investment in the safety of our employees and contractors.
Global health and safety manager,

leading pulp and paper manufacturer

I’m thankful that with Industrial Scientific, we have all of our gas detection information in one central system. We don’t need to use different systems to access historical and live data anymore. Having iNet, we have a reliable system for real-time readings and historical readings for investigations.
Health and safety leader,

leading refinery

Explore iNet

Get real-time analytics to improve safety, reduce risk, and manage productivity.


iNet® Control+

Get unparalleled visibility into hazards, people, and equipment from anywhere, all with one simple dashboard. For DSXi Docking Station customers, access to iNet Control+ is included.

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Gas Detector

Ventis® Pro5

Reduce the risk and cost of having different monitors in the field by using one multi-purpose gas monitor for everything from personal monitoring to confined space entry.

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iNet® Exchange

It’s the simple way to manage your gas detection program. The iNet Exchange subscription service covers gas detector maintenance, repair, shipping, calibration gas, docking stations, training, and more.

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iNet Now Frequently Asked Questions

What monitors does iNet Now work with?

Both the Ventis Pro and the Radius BZ1 are compatible with the iNet Now service. Contact your local ISC representative to inquire about upgrading your existing fleet.

How do I provide my workers with iNet Now coverage in remote areas?

For those working alone or in remote areas, Industrial Scientific provides both satellite and wi-fi gateways to ensure your remote workers are covered 24/7.

Can we set up custom alerts for specific situations and scenarios?

Yes! iNet Now allows you to set up custom alerts based on specific users or specific hazards. You can get the right information to the right people at the right time.