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MX6 iBrid® Six-Gas Monitor

Take your gas detection capabilities to new heights with the MX6 iBrid®. With the ability to monitor up to six gases at once, 24 sensor options, and a robust list of configurable settings, the MX6 iBrid easily adapts to your safety needs.

MX6 iBrid Family

Adaptable Six-Gas Monitor

Advance your gas detection capabilities with the most adaptable six-gas monitor on the market. Monitor oxygen, toxic and combustible gases, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with the help of hundreds of sensor combinations and configurations.


Tailor the monitor for your unique application with 24 sensor options, including photoionization detectors and infrared (IR).


Prescreen entries for benzene with an optional convertible kit.


Simplify maintenance and reporting with the DSX Docking Station.

Comprehensive Training

Maximize the capabilities of your MX6 iBrid with both in-person and online instruction.

Watch MX6 iBrid Training Video

Make MX6 iBrid Maintenance Easy.

Simplify gas detector maintenance by pairing your MX6 iBrid monitors and DSXi Docking Station with iNet® Exchange—a subscription service that eliminates maintenance by reviewing the performance of a monitor’s sensors, circuit board, microprocessors, and pump every time you dock it. When a monitor needs repairs, we'll simply replace it—no questions asked. 


Supporting Documents


Sensors Available by Monitor

Declaration of Conformity

MX6 iBrid Declaration of Conformity

Product Manual

MX6 iBrid Product Manual

Release Notes

MX6 iBrid Release Note Summary

Spec Sheet

MX6 iBrid Spec Sheet


MX6 iBrid PID Response Factors

Frequently Asked Questions

How many gases can the MX6 iBrid detect simultaneously?

The MX6 iBrid can detect up to six gases simultaneously using a mix of Industrial Scientific’s best monitoring technologies. 

As your work changes, so does the MX6 iBrid. You can eliminate the need for multiple monitors with hundreds of sensor combinations you can easily change in the field. An internal motorized pump enables remote sampling, and an optional convertible kit allows you to detect accurate benzene levels. The MX6 iBrid provides the advanced gas detection you need for sampling and permitting tasks and excels in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, and metal production.

Gases detected: LEL (methane), LEL (pentane), PID, IR, Cl2, ClO2, CO, CO high, CO/H2 low, CO/H2S, H2, H2S, HCL, HCN, NH3, NO, NO2, O2, PH3, PH3 high, SO2.

How do I configure an MX6 iBrid to detect benzene?

The MX6 iBrid must be equipped with an SP6 Pump and photoionization detector (PID) to detect benzene gas.

Can I replace the sensors in my MX6 iBrid?

The MX6 utilizes all field replaceable, plug-in sensors. The user can replace any sensor in the field and have the instrument in service after performing a simple field calibration.

How often do I have to replace the sensors in my MX6 iBrid?

Oxygen sensors in the MX6 iBrid will typically last two years. On average, toxic sensors will last 3-4 years and combustible sensors 4-5 years. There is no need to replace these sensors before they indicate a marginal or failed calibration in the MX6.

Will the combustible sensor in the MX6 iBrid work in an oxygen deficient environment?

The catalytic bead combustible gas sensor in the MX6 iBrid requires a minimum of 10% oxygen to provide an accurate reading. In any situation in which the oxygen reading is less than 10%, the combustible gas reading must be considered to be in error. The MX6 can also utilize one of two infrared (IR) sensors to detect combustible gas to 100% LEL or methane to 100% of volume. The infrared sensors do not rely on oxygen and therefore function accurately in an oxygen-deficient atmosphere. It must be noted that the infrared sensors will not respond to hydrogen.

In applications in which hydrogen is present and there is less than 10% oxygen, a 1:1 dilution fitting must be used in the sample line to provide sufficient oxygen to the sensor and get an accurate reading. When using a dilution fitting, the user must always remember that the monitor will display one-half of the actual gas concentration being measured.

How far can I sample using the MX6 iBrid with the integral sampling pump?

As a general rule, the MX6 iBrid with pump is rated to sustain a continuous sample draw for up to 100 feet with 0.125-inch inside diameter sample tubing. However, the pump will provide adequate flow at 0.5 liters per minute up to a vacuum pressure of approximately 30 inches of H2O. The length of the sample tube can exceed 100 feet as long as the vacuum pressure required to draw the sample does not exceed 30 inches of H2O.

What is the warranty on the MX6 iBrid?

The MX6 iBrid is warranted for as long as the monitor is supported by Industrial Scientific.

MX6 iBrid Technical Specifications


The MX6 iBrid comes with our Guaranteed for Life™ warranty. The monitor is warranted for as long as the monitor is supported by Industrial Scientific Corporation.

Power Source and Run Times

Source 1

Rechargeable extended-range lithium-ion battery (36 hours) without pump

Source 2

Rechargeable extended-range lithium-ion battery (20 hours) with pump

Source 3

Replaceable AA alkaline battery (10.5 hours) without pump

Temperature Range

-20 °C to 55 °C (-4 °F to 131 °F)

Humidity Range

15-95% non-condensing (continuous)