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RGX® Gateway

Remove live monitoring barriers with real-time visibility into hazards across your site—including gas readings and emergency situations—so you can respond faster in an emergency.

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RGX Gateway
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Know Workers Are Safe When You Can’t See Them

Gain total visibility into your operations with real-time alerts from personal gas monitors and area monitors, giving you a complete view of your team’s environment.


Keep your team away from hazardous situations with remote monitoring of pipelines, fence lines, emergency situations, confined spaces, and more.


Share gas readings from the  Ventis® Pro5 personal gas monitors and Radius® BZ1 Area Monitor locally with relay control and Modbus or remotely through iNet Now Live Monitoring.


Simplify maintenance and reporting with the DSX Docking Station.

Gain Total Visibility with Real-Time Alerts

iNet Control
  • Improve Response Times
    Use a live map to quickly locate workers in an emergency.
  • Mitigate Risk
    Monitor hazardous locations and get data out of confined spaces in real time.
  • Set Up with Ease
    Get live monitoring up and running in minutes, without the need for costly IT infrastructure.
  • Save Time and Money
    Choose from alternative power supply options to get unlimited runtime and eliminate the burden of rotating devices and charging batteries.

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Supporting Documents

Product Manual

RGX Gateway Product Manual

Wireless Certifications

RGX Gateway Wireless Certifications

Release Notes

RGX Gateway Release Summary

Application Note

Live Monitoring of Confined Spaces with the RGX Gateway

Application Note

Use Radius® BZ1 and RGX™ Gateway to Monitor Gas Threats Remotely

Application Note

Mobilize Quickly in Emergency Response Situations

Declaration of Conformity

RGX Gateway Declaration of Conformity

Spec Sheet

RGX Gateway Spec Sheet

RGX Gateway Frequently Asked Questions

Which gas detectors are compatible with the RGX Gateway?

The Ventis Pro5 personal gas monitor and the Radius BZ1 area monitor are compatible with the RGX Gateway. Monitors should be configured with LENS Wireless to transmit readings. 

How do I connect to and set up the RGX Gateway?

The RGX connects to the cloud via cell, Ethernet, wi-fi, relay control, or Modbus. Once this connection is established, Ventis Pro5 multi-gas monitors and Radius BZ1 area monitors will automatically connect to the RGX Gateway using LENS Wireless.

In addition, the RGX has automatic failover, so if the RGX cannot connect via wi-fi, it will failover to another mode, such as cell. You can prioritize the failover order.

How do I know which connectivity method is best?

We have a trained team of applications engineers who will assess your site to determine the coverage area and connectivity options based on your needs.

How is the RGX Gateway powered and how long can it run?

Using its rechargeable battery, the RGX Gateway runs for 4-7 days. It also has the option to be hardwired to 9-30 VDC power or run indefinitely with one of the power supplies we offer.

What software do I need to use with the RGX Gateway? Do I need a subscription?

All data is sent via the cloud to iNet Now Live Monitoring software.

You will need a subscription to access the data and alerts transmitted by the RGX Gateway.

RGX Gateway Technical Specifications


2 years

Temperature Range
Temperature Range

-20 °C to 55 °C (-4 °F to 134 °F) HUMIDITY RANGE: 5% to 95% non-condensing (continuous)



Frequency: ISM license-free band (2.4 GHz) 

Max Instruments: 25 devices (including RGX) 

RANGE World Mode, RGX™ Gateway to RGX Gateway 300 m (~1,000 ft) line of sight CE/RED Compliant Mode, RGX Gateway to RGX Gateway 185 m (~600 ft) line of sight World Mode, 

RGX Gateway to Radius® BZ1 300 m (~1,000 ft) line of sight CE/RED Compliant Mode, RGX Gateway to Radius BZ1 185 m (~600 ft) line of sight World Mode, RGX Gateway to Ventis® Pro5 100 m (~300 ft) line of sight CE/RED Compliant Mode, RGX Gateway to Ventis Pro5 100 m (~300 ft) line of sight

Relay control and Modbus capabilities are also available.