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Using Relay Control to Enhance Safety on a Service Rig

Gas Detection Equipment  |   November 28, 2023  |   Industrial Scientific

All throughout the oil and gas industry, the need for efficiency and productivity is paramount. Yet, the safety of personnel remains a critical concern. Often, companies find themselves grappling with outdated safety systems that fail to keep up with their evolving needs. 

This was the case for one service rig operation, which found their dated mesh guard systems increasingly inadequate to properly alert their teams when a sensor or alarm was triggered. The company, already familiar with Industrial Scientific's Radius BZ1 area monitor, began exploring alternatives that could offer a more comprehensive safety solution. The answer came in the form of Industrial Scientific's RGX Gateway with its new relay control integration capabilities. 

A Tailored Safety Solution for the Service Rig Operation 

This service rig had a specific setup that included various mesh guard sensors placed on the rig and around the floor. Beyond that, their safety setup included a light bar that indicated which sensor was triggered and where and a siren that would sound when a certain alarm point was reached.  With the RGX Gateway's relay control capabilities, the service rig found that they could replicate this setup while monitoring for alarms from individual devices with peer-to-peer technology (LENS Wireless), providing a perfect safety solution tailored to their specific needs. 


At the heart of these solutions is the RGX Gateway, an intrinsically safe transfer point of real-time information. With this device, data is easily transferred from the monitors you have in the field from the RGX to your local monitoring or safety process system via Modbus, allowing you to focus on multiple hazards at once. It can also be transferred from the RGX to iNet Now, which provides real-time text and email alerts for gas hazards, panic, and man-down situations on a computer or mobile device – allowing safety personnel to see and respond to incidents as they happen.

Enhancing Safety with Multiple Sensors 

One of the significant upgrades offered by the RGX Gateway is the ability to connect multiple sensors and monitors. Unlike the mesh guard system, which required an additional device for each sensor, the Radius BZ1 could accommodate multiple sensors. This feature was particularly appealing to the service rig and marked a significant advancement in their safety system, as they needed to deploy fewer sensors. 

Remote Monitoring with Ventis Pro5 

Previously, the service rig had a consultant who was responsible for acting on what needs to be done at the location based on the light bars and alarms. To do this, they would sit in their vehicle where they could monitor the light bars to see if they needed to act. 

Image 39-1Transitioning to the new system allowed the consultant to utilize a display to know what was going into alarm, and where – without needing to constantly monitor the light bars. This solution came in the form of Ventis Pro5, which could connect to the RGX Gateway, which was still connected to the light bars and siren alarms and provides actual readings on its display. This feature enabled remote monitoring, a significant advantage for the consultant responsible for actioning safety measures. 

The Future of Safety in the Oil & Gas Industry 

With Industrial Scientific's relay control solution, this service rig now has a safety system that not only meets but exceeds their needs. It provides immediate, remote monitoring capabilities as well as the ability to respond swiftly to alarms. In the oil and gas industry, safety doesn't have to be a trade-off for efficiency. With solutions like the RGX Gateway, companies can seamlessly integrate safety into their operations. 

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