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Single-Gas Monitors from Industrial Scientific

Single-gas monitors are wearable gas detectors designed to provide reliable protection with simple maintenance.

Compare our selection of personal, single-gas monitors

  • Single-Gas Monitor

    Tango TX1

    Enjoy maintenance-free gas detection, improve worker safety, and make use of DualSense® Technology, which uses redundant sensors to give accurate gas readings and reduce the risk of device failure.

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  • Single-Gas Monitor

    GasBadge Pro

    Simplify hazard detection by using a single-gas monitor with the features of a multi-gas monitor. Plus, adapt to detect a number of unsafe gases with interchangeable sensors.

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  • Single-Gas Monitor

    T40 II Rattler

    Protect workers in hazardous environments with the T40 II RattlerTM. The T40 II RattlerTM is a compact, lightweight, and robust Portable Single Gas Monitor with rapid sensor response time so workers can better take action during dangerous situations.

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