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Navigating Your Gas Safety Program with iNet Control+

Data & Analytics  |   March 5, 2024  |   Industrial Scientific

In industrial safety management, creating a safe and efficient workplace can be like steering a ship in rough waters. As a safety manager, industrial hygienist, or operations manager, you're at the helm. You need to steer your team away from risks and ensure everyone gets home safely each day. iNet Control+ equips you with the tools needed to navigate this journey effectively.  

iNet Control+: Your Safety Management Compass  

iNet Control Plus HeaderiNet Control+ is a comprehensive management software designed to increase safety productivity and streamline your safety processes. Like a ship's captain with a clear view from the bridge, iNet Control+ provides a centralized dashboard of all the data you need. iNet Control+ is your compass in the complex world of industrial safety. By monitoring metrics like alarm fatigue and compliance reporting in real-time, risk mitigation becomes more proactive.  

With a single dashboard, you spend less time on day-to-day administrative work for your gas detection program. Scheduling calibrations and updates, bulk-assigning settings to a group of monitors, verifying configuration settings, locking configurations become easy-to-do tasks. 

Reducing Alarm Fatigue: Clearing the Noise  

A key feature of iNet Control+ is its ability to significantly reduce alarm noise. As a safety manager, handling many alarms can be overwhelming, like a captain in a fog of distress signals. iNet Control+ features severity rankings that are assigned to alarms based on aggregation, duration, and cross-contamination. This feature helps to quickly locate important alarms. It decreases the risk of missing alarms and incidents. Additionally, it reduces alarm noise by 10 times.  

Interactive Gas Monitor Mapping: Your Gas Safety Chart  

Like a ship's captain relying on accurate charts for safe navigation, iNet Control+ offers interactive gas monitor mapping. This feature enables you to visualize your device placements and daily alarms, helping you preemptively identify potential issues. It's like having a detailed map of your safety landscape, enabling you to make informed, proactive decisions. This feature helps you save 2 hours per job. It ensures that your deployments are efficient and accurate, which reduces unplanned rework.  

iNet Exchange Integration: Streamlining Operations  

iNet_Exchange_box-1iNet Control+ integrates seamlessly with iNet Exchange, reducing the manual work associated with device exchanges. This is akin to a ship's captain coordinating a skilled crew for efficient operations. With real-time tracking for device replacements and component repair triage information, iNet Control+ enhances operational efficiency, keeping your safety management system running smoothly.  

By using iNet Exchange, you can get and use your equipment quickly, reducing downtime and ensuring worker safety. Additionally, you can cut product exchange time in half as it handles coordination for you.  

Ready to Take the Helm with iNet Control+?  

iNet Control+ helps safety managers, industrial hygienists, and operations teams navigate industrial safety effectively. With this software, you are the captain of your gas safety management system, steering your team towards a safer and more efficient working environment.  

Contact us today to talk to an expert about how iNet Control+ can revolutionize your safety management processes and enable you to set sail toward a safer future.