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Personal Monitoring

Personal gas detectors are a crucial part of workplace safety when gas hazards are present. When equipped with personal gas monitors that are rugged and easy to wear, workers can focus on the task at hand without worrying about invisible hazards—no matter where the job takes them.  

There are many factors to consider when choosing a personal monitor, including the specific gases that may be present in your environment. For example, could combustible gases threaten workers, or are you more concerned with oxygen levels? Multi-gas monitors like the Ventis® Pro5 can monitor up to five gases simultaneously and switch between personal monitoring and remote sampling with an optional pump.

Connected gas monitors help you respond faster to alarm events by instantly sharing gas readings, names, and locations through real-time alerts to nearby gas detectors and live monitoring software like iNet® Now. With access to worker status, you can increase safety and efficiency by eliminating manual check-ins.

Worker with gas detector and live monitoring iNet Exchange
Worker with gas detector and live monitoring iNet Exchange

With gas detection management software like iNet® Control+, you can also use the data collected by personal gas detectors to prevent similar occurrences and continuously make data-driven improvements. Easy-to-access reports like bump test and calibration records help you prevent incidents by ensuring your equipment is ready to work when your workers need it the most.

The work of improving your site’s safety never stops – neither should your personal gas detectors or the valuable insights they collect.