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Turnarounds and Shutdowns

When it comes to turnarounds and shutdowns, the influx of maintenance workers, plant employees, and contractors can add confusion and uncertainty to an already complex and busy workplace.

Although operational processes are shut down for less than 5 percent of the year, 70 percent of major accidents occur during these non-routine operations. This is why maintaining a strong and reliable gas detection program is an essential part of employee safety. These situations drive the need for additional gas detection equipment, maintenance, and training.

Some solutions for added safety during special projects include renting extra gas detection equipment and using area monitors to create gas hazard barriers.

Managing turnaround logistics used to require boots on the ground monitoring and manual check-in processes. Today, connectivity tools can automate that process. Wireless gas detectors like the Ventis Pro5 can instantly share gas readings with nearby monitors so workers know when a peer is in danger and can take appropriate steps to rescue them. 

Workers using wireless gas detector Ventis Pro5
Ventis fleet

Live monitoring software like iNet Now® can display each gas monitor’s status and gas readings to safety managers, who can then see their entire workforce on a map. You can even integrate readings from fence line or area monitors to ensure a gas hazard in one part of your facility won’t impact operations in another part.

The bottom line is that turnarounds require robust safety solutions, and with a wide range of gas monitoring solutions, you don’t need to sacrifice safety.