LEL Correlation Factors

General Gas Education

The following chart outlines LEL correlation factors for combustible gas sensors.

lel correlation factors

Accuracy +/- 25% error

NOTE: Calibration gases available from Industrial Scientific Corporation

1. The correlation factors in the table are averaged results for estimation use only. It’s not recommended for analytical application with high accuracy expectation.

2. The correlation factors may vary from sensor to sensor with tolerance of +/- 25% for new sensors. The number could further shift for old sensors.

3. To get a more accurate result, it’s recommended to calibrate the instrument with a gas that has CF close to 1. The closer, the better.

4. It’s not recommended to use correlation factors if the target gas is methane and the sensor is old.

5. Expect more deviation when an old sensor is calibrated with methane gas.

* Preferred gases


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