Gas Detection Made Easy – Gas Detection 101

learn about the hazadous world of Gas Detection

Gas Detection Made Easy 101 is your introduction to the hazardous world of gas detection.  During this class, you will learn about common industry terms, gas hazards and the sensors used to detect them, applications where gases are found, and how to determine the best instrument for the job. When training is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to test your knowledge and receive a certificate of completion. Register Now.

Course Content

  • Learn why gas detection is needed and what equipment is used for each application
  • Understand common acronyms found within the gas detection industry
  • Learn the basics of gas detector sensor technologies
  • Review proper methods of atmospheric testing including the 2 & 2 sampling rule
  • Understand the importance of gas detector calibration, both manually and on a docking station
  • Receive a Competent Person  Gas Detection 101 certificate of completion

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who uses gas detection equipment or is in charge of worker or environmental health and safety would benefit from this class.

“Excellent course content, the instructor was very thorough and followed up afterwards to be sure the information given was understood. I have twenty-five years with this department and this training was by far the best I have attended.” – Dennis L.

 “Knowing exactly how the detector works and all of the do's and don'ts will greatly increase the safety aspect as well as improve the life of the instrument.” – Nick S. 

Certification Maintenance Points

These classes are eligible for maintenance points through the following organizations: