Radius BZ1 Area Monitor for Gas Detection

Area monitoring designed for the world's harshest environments

Radius BZ1 Area Monitor for Gas Detection

The Radius® BZ1 Area Monitor is a rugged gas detector that connects your entire worksite. Designed to go where the work is, Radius can be deployed in seconds for emergency response scenarios or left in the field for up to 7 days on a single charge or for an unlimited period with the Solar Power Supply. Radius shares readings and alarms with other units and personal gas monitors through LENS® Wireless allowing you to create a dynamic safety network that changes with the needs of your operations.   

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  • Detect up to seven gases simultaneously using 18 sensor options including PID
  • Reduce battery swapping with a typical run time of 7 days (168 hours)
  • Cut through high-noise environments with alarms that sound at 108 dB
  • Know what’s happening at a distance thanks to the largest display of any area monitor and customizable alarm action messages such as "EVACUATE" or "VENTILATE"
  • Increase worker safety with DualSense® Technology, which provides redundant protection by using two sensors to detect the same gas
  • Gain real-time visibility and respond faster in an emergency by pairing with the RGX® Gateway for live monitoring
  • Simplify maintenance and reporting with the DSXi Docking Station



Using the Radius BZ1 with our Solar Power Supply eliminates three critical area monitoring challenges: runtime, hazard certifications, and portability. Solar panels provide unlimited runtime for up to two Radius BZ1 Area Monitors, RGX Gateways, or a combination of the two, while a CSA Class 1 Div 2 certification ensures safety in even the most hazardous locations. A portable, modular design allows a single worker to transport and assemble the Solar Power Supply. By addressing these common challenges, you can eliminate the costs and hazards associated with charging and rotating devices in the field.

See how the Radius BZ1 area monitor protects your workers longer in the field with less setup, user training, and time in the shop.


Build your Radius BZ1 Area Monitor

The Radius BZ1 Area Monitor can be configured with a variety of features to meet your needs. Select from a range of certifications, sensors, wireless options, languages, and accessories. 


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