DSX Docking Station

Simplify gas detector maintenance with the DSX™ Docking Station

DSX Docking Station for Ventis ProThe DSX Docking station is an automated gas detector maintenance, record storage, and fleet management solution that flexes with the needs of your business. Choose from DSX-L, DSXi, or DSX Standalone based on your data access requirements.

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Streamline gas detector maintenance

  • Easy bump testing and calibration of instruments upon docking.
  • Bump test and calibration schedules can be tracked and set to be performed automatically, ensuring that instruments are ready for use prior to the start of a shift.
  • As technology evolves so will your monitor thanks to free, automated software and firmware updates upon docking.

Get data on-demand

  • Company and application-specific instrument settings are easily controlled and deployed upon docking.
  • Email alerts and notifications provide information on worker exposure and instrument usage, as well as instrument service needs.
  • Optional cloud-based data storage provides peace of mind with automatic file back-up, and easy recovery in case of unexpected data loss.
  • Configure reports to provide the data you want, when you want it.
  • On-demand printing of bump and calibration certificates provides hardcopy printouts for hot work and confined space entry.

Use calibration gas more efficiently

  • Auto detection of calibration gas type and expiration date upon cylinder connection.
  • Calibration gas status indicators provide warning to order replacement gas before a cylinder is empty.
  • Optional auto calibration gas replenishment program provides an efficient way to manage your calibration gas usage and needs. New cylinders will automatically be shipped to you when you need them. 


Calibration Station vs. Docking Station: Which do You Need?

Calibration Station vs. Docking Station: Which do You Need?Maintenance programs depend on company needs, size, location, and infrastructure. Learn whether a calibration station or docking station is best for maintaining your gas detection program.

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