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Industrial Scientific is pleased to introduce an in-line external filter kit for all pump-equipped (aspirated) instruments. The external filter kit provides an extra line of defense for any instrument equipped with a pump, increasing the life and reliability of your monitor.

Through years of experience and extensive testing, Industrial Scientific engineers have determined proper filter use as the best way to avoid sampling pump issues. Filters prevent debris and water from entering the pump and damaging sensitive internal components. This damage can be permanent and result in costly repairs and downtime.

The external filter kit is designed to work along with the smaller inline filter (Item #17058157) by providing an extra layer of filtration without negatively impacting pump flow. Use of this filter kit results in less frequent filter replacement, while protecting pump internals to ensure monitors are ready when you need them.



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External Filter Kit – Five filters, quick disconnect fitting and 1-inch length of tubing

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The external filter kit includes a one-page instruction sheet, set of five filters, and one quick disconnect fitting with a short length of eighth inch diameter tubing for easy attachment to the pump inlet and quick changeover. The kit is compatible with all of Industrial Scientific’s pump-equipped (aspirated)
equipment, such as the Ventis® MX4, Ventis Pro, Ventis® Slide-on-Pump, MX6 iBrid®, and Radius® BZ1.

For additional information, visit our website at or contact your local Industrial Scientific representative. Global contact information can be found at

Product Bulletin

PB20-06-4 - External Filter Kit for Aspirated (Pump) monitors