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Industrial Scientific is pleased to introduce a new addition to its wireless gas detection portfolio, the TGX Gateway. The TGX Gateway is a vehicle-installed device that wirelessly connects lone workers in the field to safety contacts, ensuring that workers in the most remote locations always have a lifeline to safety. With dual cellular and satellite connectivity, the TGX Gateway is ideal for remote locations where wi-fi, Ethernet, or cellular alone cannot reliably connect workers to safety contacts.

How Does the TGX Gateway Work?
The TGX Gateway makes it easy to monitor lone worker safety in real time by transmitting gas readings and alarm activity from LENS™ Wireless-enabled Ventis® Pro Series and Radius® BZ1 monitors to iNet® Now Live Monitoring software. Using cellular connectivity with automatic satellite failover, the TGX Gateway transmits real-time data to cloud-based iNet® Now live monitoring software, alerting key contacts within seconds of an emergency. With the TGX Gateway, safety contacts can receive emails, text, and on-screen alerts from anywhere in the world when incidents occur.

With the TGX Gateway installed, a worker’s vehicle becomes a hotspot for LENS-enabled gas monitors. The TGX Gateway automatically connects to Ventis Pro and/or Radius BZ1 monitors when the connected vehicle is turned on. The TGX Gateway turns off automatically after the configured length of time once the vehicle is turned off.

Connecting LENS-enabled equipment to the TGX Gateway is as simple as creating a LENS group and powering the equipment on. Up to 24 monitors will automatically connect with a TGX Gateway within range. Configuration changes and firmware updates can all be applied automatically without removing the gateway from the vehicle or connecting it to a computer.

Requirements: Ventis Pro Series, V4.1 firmware or higher

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