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Tango's Shield: Detecting the Toxic Twins for Fire & Hazmat Safety

Gas Detection Equipment  |   June 25, 2024  |   Industrial Scientific

fire-department-1In the realm of fire and hazmat response, the air can be laced with invisible threats and time is of the essence. Among these threats, hydrogen cyanide (HCN) and carbon monoxide (CO), known as the "toxic twins," are particularly lethal gases that pose a significant risk to first responders. Tango TX2's latest sensor expansion is a game-changer in the industry, offering a crucial advancement in the detection of these hazardous gases.

The Problem at Hand

On the front lines of industrial safety, responders have long faced the challenge of detecting toxic gases quickly and reliably. While a host of sensors and devices are currently available, the need for sensors that simultaneously monitor the “toxic twins,” aka HCN and CO, is often desired.

To achieve this, these sensors must be wearable, lightweight, and quick to alert workers to hazardous gases, thus preserving their safety. From industrial refining to mining and fire & hazmat operations, HCN and CO sensors are vital, yet the options on the market have been limited, bulky, less than user-friendly, and non-existent in one, singular device.

The Tango Gas Monitor Solution

The Tango TX1 and Tango TX2 have stepped up to the plate with a new expanded suite of sensors – including ammonia (NH3) and HCN.

With the addition of HCN, the Tango TX2 is now the only two-gas monitor available that can simultaneously detect the “toxic twins” (HCN and CO). This specialized configuration means industries no longer need to purchase and maintain extra equipment, saving on costs and complexity, and can better streamline processes.

Beyond the ability to simultaneously monitor for the “toxic twins,” the Tango TX2 includes features like:

  • Extended Runtime: Spend less time managing your gas detector fleet and eliminate the need for daily charging with a two-year runtime or replaceable batteries. Plus, each monitor is backed by a Guaranteed for Life warranty. 
  • Accuracy: With individual sensors for each gas detected, the Tango TX2 increases alarm accuracy and reduces false alarms, giving your team confidence in their gas monitor's readings. More accurate readings improve incident data quality, therefore reducing unnecessary shutdowns. The Tango TX2 also features audible alarms up to 110dB, with optional AlarmAmp, and acknowledgeable gas alerts, ensuring workers are aware of any hazards. 
  • Simplified Data Collection and Analysis: The Tango TX2 is compatible with iNet Control+, so you can spend less time on gas detection admin work. Simply dock the monitor after each shift to automatically upload data logs, bump test, calibrate, and more. Critical gas detection data is then stored in one simple dashboard that helps identify risky behaviors and simplifies record keeping and compliance. 

The Critical Role of Sensors

Tango TX2The inclusion of HCN and CO sensors to the Tango family of gas detectors means that first responders can swiftly identify the presence and exposure levels of these gases. By detecting the toxic twins, firefighters can make informed decisions about when it's safe to remove their SCBAs during overhaul, directly impacting the safety and health of the team.

For industries like mining, where HCN and other gases like hydrogen sulfide (H2S) or sulfur dioxide (SO2) are a concern, Tango's two-gas monitor configuration provides a tailored solution that addresses specific needs without the burden of hard-to-use unnecessary features or extra devices to maintain.

A Safety Revolution

For fire and hazmat teams, Tango's sensor expansion is more than an upgrade – it's a revolution in safety and efficiency. With the ability to monitor HCN and CO with one device, the Tango TX2 ensures that the toxic twins are kept in check, allowing responders to focus on the mission at hand without the worry of unseen gas threats.

By delivering precision, ease of use, and reliability, the Tango TX2's sensors not only enhance responder safety but also enable proactive measures in high-risk scenarios. As the Tango family of gas detectors continues to push the boundaries of sensor technology, the future of fire and hazmat safety looks brighter – and much less toxic.

To learn more about the Tango TX2, or to talk to an expert, click here.