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The Radius® BZ1 area monitor is often deployed in remote outdoor locations or worksites far from electrical infrastructure where access to power is limited or unreliable. Your worksite might include oil and gas fields, landfills, or pipelines. If so, you know that long-term operation in these conditions can be challenging. 

By pairing a Solar Power System with your Radius® BZ1 area monitors and/or RGX® Gateway, you can harness renewable solar energy for continuous power. The continuous supply of power eliminates the need to charge equipment or rotate it in the field, minimizing risk and the cost of labor. Not only can the Solar Power Supply keep your site running smoothly without the hassle of charging, but it is also able to withstand harsh conditions.

This durable solar-based system offers a wide range of options to extend the runtime of Industrial Scientific gas monitors, reducing the environmental impact and operational costs of gas detection. The system is also easy to install and maintain, requiring only minimal wiring and periodic battery checks. Some typical monitoring applications include: 

  • Gas leak detection around pipelines, pump stations, and storage facilities.
  • Area monitoring at loading docks, waste sites, utilities, and construction areas.
  • Perimeter monitoring at fences, water treatment plants, and reservoirs.

Continuously Area Monitoring in Zone 0

With an additional Intrinsically Safe cable of length up to 50 meters, your area monitor can be placed in Zone 0, an area where explosive gases may be present (continuously or for extended periods of time). This allows the Radius® BZ1 to operate continuously with most sensor configurations without the need for frequent battery recharging or maintenance.

Using Solar Power System for Flexible Applications

The output ports of the Solar Power System are not only compatible with Industrial Scientific gas monitors, but also with accessories such as 4G routers and relays. These accessories provide more options and flexibility for your unique application. 
For example, 4G routers can provide continuous network connectivity where 4G RGX is unavailable, while relays can transmit alarms in various forms.

Using Solar Power System Under Harsh Conditions

The Solar Power System offers NEMA4 ingress protection, making it suitable for use in rainy or dusty weather. Additionally, the optional instrument enclosure provides double protection to the instruments.

When your workers rely on area monitors to alert them to hazards on the job, you need a solution that can withstand challenging environments until the job is done. With solar-powered equipment, your team can spend less time charging their area monitors and more time on the job at hand.

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