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Renting a Connected Safety Solution: A Simple Way to Offer Top-Notch Protection

Connected Safety  |   August 29, 2019  |   Industrial Scientific

With shutdowns and turnarounds right around the corner, it’s a good time to think about the gas detection equipment you need for a successful project, how that equipment can protect workers, and how it will ease project pain points. Because shutdowns and turnarounds usually last a few weeks or months, renting equipment is often the most economical choice.

Projects like turnarounds, outages, or shutdowns usually require more workers on site who use gas detection to avoid atmospheric hazards like oxygen deficiency and combustible or toxic gases. And most companies don’t have enough gas detectors on-hand to handle this influx. Since these projects are typically short-term, renting gas detection equipment is a simple and cost-effective option.

Shelves filled with multiple rows of personal gas monitors.

It’s a great first step to make sure every worker is protected with the correct gas detector – one that has been maintained, monitors the gases they could be exposed to, and they know how to operate. That’s the baseline expectation for renting gas detection instruments.

But you can (and should) take safety past the baseline, even when renting. The best way is through connected safety solutions. These solutions go beyond basic gas detection, using sensors and devices to monitor people and worksites in real time. Industrial Scientific’s connected solution uses live and historical data from gas detectors to increase worker safety, improve productivity, and drive operational improvements.

Connected safety solutions available for rent are ideal for monitoring mobile workers, remotely monitoring an area in real time, connecting teams – especially those working in confined spaces, and of course during shutdowns and turnarounds when there are more people on site to keep track of.  

Keep Setup Simple

Some connected safety solutions on the market require extensive IT involvement during setup, which defeats the purpose of a quick solution to enhance safety. Look for a connected safety rental option that’s easy to set up and can connect to your existing infrastructure. Equipment that can connect using multiple platforms will make it easier to integrate into your existing network and can also provide a “fail safe” alternative in case one of the platforms loses signal.

As for support, renting connected technical equipment requires a high level of product knowledge. Rental suppliers need a strong background in gas detection to supply you with the best gas detector for the job. Before you rent, find out if the rental supplier has the technical knowledge needed to support you.

Beyond that, ask your rental supplier of they can ship personal gas detectors and area monitors that are pre-connected to each other, reducing your setup time.

The bottom line is that by renting a connected safety solution, you can reap the benefits of a robust, connected gas detection program and give workers the protection they deserve for any project.