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Let’s face it, many people have complicated relationships with gas monitors. Think about it – they’re actually designed to annoy you when necessary so that you will evacuate a hazardous environment to make the alarm stop. But they also keep you safe, something that’s easy to forget. Every once in a while, we need to call out the elephant in the room: where is the love for gas monitors? Can this relationship be saved?

To help you rekindle the love between you and your monitor, we rounded up five reasons to remind you why you should love your Industrial Scientific personal gas monitor.

1. Gas monitors can be the difference between life and death. 

As humans, we have many senses at our disposal. However, we can’t detect and determine the acute or chronic toxicity of hazardous gases. This is where gas monitors come into the picture to pick up the slack. Personal gas monitors exist to sense the atmosphere around you. They warn you of specific atmospheric hazards so that you can take the proper actions to save your own life. Without them, daily work in some industries could quickly turn fatal. We could drop the mic on this list right now with this reason alone.

2. Gas monitors provide superhuman capabilities (sort of). 

There are so many fantastic superpowers to choose from: flight, X-ray vision, superhuman strength, the list goes on. What if you could read the air at part per million levels from a device in your hand? Or what if you could view those readings from up to 100 feet away? What if I told you that I could alert you about hazards anywhere in the world? Pretty awesome, right? You are in luck—superhuman capabilities are available to you every day in your personal gas monitor. You might be familiar with Superman, Wonder Woman, and Iron Man. But do you know Tango® TX1, Ventis® MX4, Ventis® Pro5, MX6 iBrid®, GasBadge® Pro, and Radius® BZ1? They are our Atmospheric Avengers. 

3. You can connect with real live humans for help. 

When you purchase personal gas monitors from Industrial Scientific, you also get access to our team. We have an entire department dedicated to your success. (We even call them “Customer Success.”) We also have a team of expert application engineers who can help you select the right monitors for your specific application and hazards. Then, before you start using your new personal gas monitors, you have access to our staff of trainers. They can provide custom distance or in-person training for your people across the country.    

4. We can hush the maintenance hate. 

Let’s face it, monitors can occasionally be a rain cloud in your otherwise sunny safety day. Why is this? Because life happens. Industrial environments (and sometimes even your workers) are hard on personal gas monitors. Usually, the responsibility to fix them falls on you. Industrial Scientific can brighten your day with iNet® Exchange. For our exchange customers, we provide both proactive and reactive maintenance. Got a broken monitor? Just check your mailbox tomorrow. A replacement monitor will be waiting for you.  

5. Did you get the memo about reports? 

The safety world has its turn signal on and is ready to merge onto the “Big Data” highway. Loving your physical monitor will no longer cut it. You need to love that data it provides, too. However, before the data haters ruin the party, don’t worry, we have you covered. We offer solutions that others just can’t. All our gas monitors are compatible with our cloud-based iNet® Control platform. Need a calibration report? Done. The boss is worried about individual exposures? Done. Instead of phone calls, fax messages, or trips to the job site, we can get you the information you need at your fingertips. 

With so many reasons to love your personal gas monitor, we want to add one more: you use it while doing meaningful work that we all depend on. Our company has been in the gas detection game since canaries were still a thing, all for one purpose: keeping you safe.

If you need help finding the right gas detectors or would like to brush up on gas detection training, we would love to talk to you! After all, they don’t call us the “Gas Detection People” for nothing.