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3 Reasons to Use Radius BZ1 Area Monitors for Your Turnaround

Shutdowns & Turnarounds  |   July 9, 2018  |   Industrial Scientific

Your upcoming plant turnaround project is probably a big deal. It will be high-cost and high-impact, and needs to be well planned, and of course, well executed. The working pattern, number of people, and moving parts and equipment in your facility will change—maybe significantly. And amidst the deviations from your “norm,” an ideal scenario is that all aspects of the project will work together seamlessly to minimize downtime and maximize performance, all the while keeping safety at the top of the priority list. This is where the Radius® BZ1 Area Monitor can help. Workers will continue to carry personal gas monitors in all required locations, but there are applications better suited for continuous area monitoring. For some of those applications, the Radius BZ1 has already been tested, proven, and highly recommended. Here are the top 3 reasons why: 

#1: Battery Life (Significantly reduces instrument maintenance requirements)

The Radius BZ1 will run for 7-8 consecutive days on a single battery charge. This reduces the need for attendants to change the instrument’s battery and bump test it, from once a day to once a week. In addition to lowering labor costs, the less frequent access to the hazardous area reduces risk exposure. By keeping a couple of monitors charged and on reserve, they can be rotated into the network as needed, eliminating downtime. To automatically re-charge and bump test an instrument, simply pull out the SafeCore® Module (central processing unit of the monitor), and insert it in the DSX™ Docking Station. As a side benefit, the 7-8-day continuous monitoring pattern helps to reduce the number of permits required for attendants.

Radius BZ1 area monitor sits in the foreground, the background is a worksite out of focus. The screen displays a gas alert for H2S and reads "evacuate"

#2: Easy Setup (Eliminates common frustrations and wasted time)

The monitors are ready to go to work right out of the box. Simply turn them on and strategically place them around your hazardous area for continuous monitoring. Your Radius BZ1 monitors equipped with LENS™ Wireless technology, start communicating with each other immediately, without the need for IT, licenses, or additional infrastructure. If one instrument alarms, all others that are part of the same network will pick up the same reading. As an option, Industrial Scientific’s Ventis® Pro Series personal gas monitors, also equipped with LENS Wireless, can be easily added to the network by turning them on and setting them to the same channel to provide a moving point of network surveillance.

#3: Rental Option (Facilitates planning and eliminates the need to make another long-term investment)

The temporary and dynamic nature of your plant turnaround project makes it the ideal candidate for short-term rental. The date of delivery as well as the exact number of monitors required can be finalized last minute. Your rental fleet will provide you with the right number of monitors to create a continuous safety network around your hazardous area for the duration of the project. If you need to add another monitor on the fly or you have an instrument that has been damaged or has failed, we can ship you a new one in less than 48 hours, eliminating downtime. Every monitor in the fleet is serviced by Industrial Scientific employees and will come to you pre-set with your specifications.

As you go through the planning phase of your turnaround project, consider the areas where continuous area monitoring can maximize both performance and safety.