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Industrial Scientific is pleased to announce that the Radius BZ1 Area Monitor now supports hydrogen chloride (HCl), chlorine dioxide (ClO2) and infrared (IR) sensors within the removable SafeCore® module. With these new sensor offerings, the Radius BZ1 can now be used more extensively to detect hazardous gases in fence line and perimeter monitoring, hot work, and other area monitoring applications.

The new sensors are detailed in the table below:

Part Number

Sensor Type






Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)


0–1 ppm
0.01 ppm

Hydrogen Chloride (HCl)


0-30 ppm
0.1 ppm

Hydrocarbon (Propane)

Infrared (IR)

0–100% LEL
1% LEL

Methane (CH4)

Infrared (IR)

0–100% LEL
1% LEL

The Radius BZ1 is a rugged, portable area monitor that can be deployed in seconds to monitor up to seven gases simultaneously in the world’s harshest environments. Alarms that sound at 108dB, bold LED lights, and clear alarm action messages like “EVACUATE” cut through even the busiest work areas. With local and remote monitoring options, everyone from teams working nearby to safety managers off site will know there’s a hazard and how to respond.

For additional information on the Radius BZ1, visit our website at or contact your local Industrial Scientific representative. Contact information can be found at

Product Bulletin

Radius® BZ1 Area Monitor Now Supports HCl, ClO2, and Infrared Sensors