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Industrial Scientific is pleased to announce that Radius® BZ1 is now available in South Africa with the MASC-IA certification for hazardous location and ICASA telecom certification. All Radius BZ1s purchased for South Africa will ship with the following approvals:



Certification Name


Identification / Registration #

Radius BZ1

South Africa


Hazardous Location

MASC S/19-1107

Radius BZ1

South Africa





The Radius BZ1 Area Monitor is a rugged gas detector that connects your entire worksite. Designed to go where the work is, Radius can be deployed in seconds for emergency response scenarios or left in the field for up to 7 days on a single charge. Radius shares readings and alarms with other units and personal gas monitors through LENS® Wireless allowing you to create a dynamic safety network that changes with the needs of your operations.

For additional information on the South Africa approved Radius BZ1, visit our website at, or contact your local Industrial Scientific representative. Contact information can be found at