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With ATEX Performance Certification, users can ensure the highest level of safety for users working in environments with potentially explosive atmospheres.

Industrial Scientific, a global leader and innovator in full-service gas detection programs that automate safety workflows, has secured ATEX Performance Certification for its Tango® TX1 Single-Gas Monitor.

The Tango® TX1 eliminates distractions with a lightweight and wearable personal monitor that offers maintenance-free gas detection. Featuring a two-year runtime, the Tango TX1 allows users to spend less time managing their gas detector fleets and eliminates the need for daily charging, which can improve worker safety, regardless of bump test frequency. It is also compatible with iNet Control, so users can spend less time on gas detection admin work. Simply dock the monitor after each shift to automatically upload data logs, bump test, calibrate, and more. Critical gas detection data is then stored in one dashboard that helps identify risky behaviors and simplifies record keeping and compliance.

With the addition of ATEX Performance Certification, facilities can ensure unmatched safety, reliability, and compliance for their workers operating in environments with potentially explosive atmospheres.

In Germany, the Tango TX1 will now be listed as an approved device by the BGRCI. This means that Tango TX1 will be part of a list of detectors recommended for use by German industry.

“The ATEX Performance Certification is a prestigious accreditation that only a few instruments globally have aspired to and achieve. When a gas detector is subjected to the extensive testing requirements of ATEX Performance and adheres to IEC 62990-1, EN 45544-2, EN 45544-3, EN 60079-29, and EN 50104, it is a statement that this instrument has been designed to withstand being used in the most difficult and hazardous environments - while still ensuring accurate measurements are made,” says Mohamed Hassan, director EMEA product management and application engineering, Industrial Scientific. “This battery of rigorous testing encompasses benchmarks for accuracy, speed and repeatability of measurement while being subjected to changes in pressure, temperature, humidity, dust, vibration, air velocity and drops from heights.”

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Industrial Scientific Secures ATEX Performance Certification for the Tango® TX1 Single-Gas Monitor

About Industrial Scientific Corporation

Industrial Scientific Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortive (NYSE: FTV), is a global leader in gas detection and safety-as-a-service solutions that keep workers safe in life-threatening environments. From the International Space Station to mines deep inside the earth, men and women around the world bet their lives on the great work our people do. Established in 1985 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we have more than 1,300 global employees across 21 countries dedicating their careers to eliminating death on the job by 2050. Industrial Scientific is the parent company to Intelex Technologies, the global leader in environmental, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) software. Intelex’s industry-leading SAAS platform is used by millions of people around the world to deliver safer, cleaner and more productive operations. For more information, visit

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