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The latest addition to the Ventis Pro5 makes it the most compact, versatile, and connected five-gas personal monitor that allows users to reliably detect VOCs while improving situational awareness and more.

Industrial Scientific, a global leader and innovator in gas detection and safety technologies that automate critical safety and operational risk workflows, has introduced a new PID (Photo-Ionization Detector) sensor for the Ventis® Pro5 Multi-Gas Monitor, making it the most compact, versatile, and connected five-gas personal monitor available that can reliably detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Whether users are gearing up for confined space entries or preparing their emergency response efforts, the Ventis Pro5 with PID sensor allows users to detect VOCs with their personal monitor, reducing the need for additional bulky handheld monitors and supplementary devices.

Additionally, with peer-to-peer, satellite, wi-fi, and cellular connectivity options, the Ventis Pro5 continues to increase situational awareness and decrease emergency response times by sharing real-time location data, man-down alarms, and gas alerts (including VOC exposure), so safety teams immediately know who needs help, what happened, and where they’re located.

“This new sensor option for the Ventis Pro5 gives customers an opportunity to reliably detect standard gases and volatile organic compounds, in one compact solution without adding a second, bulky device,” says Parker Burke, president, Industrial Scientific. “The Ventis Pro5 with PID sensor increases safety of employees by equipping everyone with the ability to detect VOCs while reducing fleet sizes and maintenance pains. This exciting expansion of the safety benefits of our user-friendly and reliable monitors moves us closer to achieving Our Vision of ending death on the job by 2050.”

The Ventis Pro5 with PID sensor is now available worldwide. To speak to an expert, visit

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Industrial Scientific Introduces the Most Advanced PID Sensing Technology for the Ventis Pro5



Industrial Scientific Corporation is on a mission to end death on the job through portable gas detection, hardware as a
service, and advanced analytics that help prevent exposure to hazards and deliver unmatched clarity into safety and
operational performance. For nearly 40 years, Industrial Scientific has led the industry with a complete line of rugged
and reliable gas detectors backed by real-time monitoring software, flexible connectivity options, managed maintenance
services, and a trusted team of gas detection experts that ensure people around the world go home safely each night.  For more information, visit



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