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Hydrogen (H2) Gas Detectors

Oil refineries use hydrogen (H2) to process crude oil into refined fuels—such as gasoline and diesel—and remove contaminants from these fuels. Other industries that use hydrogen include chemical production, food processing, metal refining, and electronics manufacturing. Hydrogen can be delivered in a compressed or liquid form, generated on-site from water through electrolysis, or produced from natural gas through reforming. Although hydrogen is not toxic, it is flammable and high concentrations in confined spaces will displace oxygen.


How to Detect Hydrogen

With our GasBadge® Pro personal single-gas detector, workers can monitor exposure in areas where hydrogen may be present. In areas that may contain additional gases, the MX6 iBrid® multi-gas detector or Radius® BZ1 Area Monitor can detect both hydrogen and other gas hazards.

Multi-Gas Monitor

MX6 iBrid

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GasBadge Pro

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Area Monitor

Radius BZ1

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