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Gas Detectors for a Smarter Safety Program

Get the rugged and reliable gas detectors you need, backed by real-time monitoring software, flexible connectivity options, managed maintenance services, and a trusted team of gas detection experts.

PID Sensors For Ventis Pro 5 Now Available

Equipped with the most advanced, and accurate PID sensing technology, the Ventis Pro5 is now the most compact and reliable, connected five-gas personal monitor available to reliably detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

iNet® Platform

The iNet® safety platform connects gas detectors to cloud-based software, giving you real-time site analytics, worker status updates, and comprehensive maintenance. You gain the awareness you need to reduce risk and manage productivity—all while maximizing ROI.

Gas Detectors

Group 46-1

Whether you need area monitoring, personal monitoring, single-gas monitoring, or multi-gas monitoring, we have a range of industrial gas detectors with a variety of features to meet your needs.

Group 40-2

Select up to three gas monitor models to compare the gas types, key features, and number of gases monitored simultaneously.

Group 42

The Industrial Scientific catalog is your complete guide to our full line of industrial gas detectors, accessories, software, and services. Specification tables and detailed product descriptions can help you choose the right gas detectors and accessories for the job.

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Gain Awareness to Reduce Risk and Improve Safety

Minimize risk, maximize ROI, and act in the moment using real-time info about worker exposure to safety hazards.

The Complete Guide to Gas Detection in Confined Spaces Understanding Connected Safety Say Goodbye to Gas Detection Headaches

Learn More About Us

We’ve been innovating to improve worker safety for 30 years – from developing the first wireless gas detector to creating iNet® Exchange gas detection as a service.

Manage Your Fleet of Gas Detectors

The iNet® Exchange subscription service simplifies all aspects of your gas detection program. With iNet Exchange, you’ll always have the monitors you need, right when you need them.