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GDME - How to Use & Maintain Gas Detectors with iNet

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Learn How to Use and Maintain Gas Detectors

GDME -  Fleet Management Made Easy provides a hands-on overview of Industrial Scientific gas detectors and how to use them through the perspective of equipment/fleet managers. Similar to our “How to Use and Maintain” course, this is also a Technician Level Training. In addition to understanding proper use and maintenance of the individual monitors we place specific focus on leveraging  iNet to manage the health and data of your organizations’ fleet of ISC equipment.

After the course, you will have the option to test your knowledge and receive a certificate of completion.

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Course Syllabus 

  • In this course, you will learn:
    The importance of gas detection and the equipment used for each application.
  • How and when to use different sensor technologies, including their unique features and benefits.
  • How to use and maintain a variety of gas detectors and accessories through hands-on experience.
  • How to manage and configure cloud connected docking stations.
  • Utilizing iNet Control to manage multiple Equipment and Settings Groups.
  • How to effectively manage wireless and other connected Equipment.
  • Understanding Alarms and Alerts in iNet Control and iNet Now.

Excellent course content. The instructor was very thorough and followed up after to be sure the information given was understood. I have twenty five years with this department, and this training was by far the best I have attended."

Dennis L.

Knowing exactly how the gas detector works and all of the dos and don'ts will greatly increase the safety aspect as well as improve the life of the instrument."

Nick S.

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