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New 24/7 Professional Monitoring service enhances iNet® safety platform, providing peace of mind that worker safety is monitored around the clock.

Industrial Scientific, a global leader and innovator in gas detection and safety technologies that automate critical safety and operational risk workflows, is pleased to announce the release of 24/7 Professional Monitoring. 24/7 Professional Monitoring offers iNet® Now users the option to rely on real-time response center monitoring for gas exposures and panic or man-down alarms.

With 24/7 Professional Monitoring, call center agents continuously monitor gas detector readings and escalate incidents according to a configurable response plan around the clock. When an alarm is triggered on a worker's gas detector, an agent will follow a designated response plan until the alarm is addressed safely. By using 24/7 Professional Monitoring, workers get the help they need while increasing site efficiency and capacity to handle other priorities.

“With millions of remote or isolated workers, safety monitoring can be hard to navigate. Traditional approaches can be inefficient and labor intensive for workers and supervisors. With our new 24/7 Professional Monitoring service, we offer a low-cost, reliable way to ensure that a user’s safety alarms are always addressed,” said David Sawyer, Product Manager, iNet Exchange & Services at Industrial Scientific. “And with dynamic user assignments, users don’t have to worry about carrying the same device every day—they can choose any device from their fleet and know that someone will always respond when needed.”

24/7 Professional Monitoring further strengthens Industrial Scientific’s iNet safety platform, which includes iNet Now Live Monitoring, iNet® Exchange Gas Detection as a Service, iNet® Control Gas Detection Management Software, and SAFER One™ Dynamic Plume Modeling. 

The iNet safety platform combines industry-leading detector technology, innovative software and services, and a commitment to impactful innovation. By using it in whole or in part, teams can streamline operations, ensure device readiness, enhance visibility into worker and site conditions, respond faster during emergencies, and more — all while ensuring worker health and safety.

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Industrial Scientific Introduces 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service



Industrial Scientific Corporation is on a mission to end death on the job through portable gas detection, hardware as a
service, and advanced analytics that help prevent exposure to hazards and deliver unmatched clarity into safety and
operational performance. For nearly 40 years, Industrial Scientific has led the industry with a complete line of rugged
and reliable gas detectors backed by real-time monitoring software, flexible connectivity options, managed maintenance
services, and a trusted team of gas detection experts that ensure people around the world go home safely each night.  For more information, visit



Jeremy Kins
Senior Digital Marketing Manager or 1-800-DETECTS