Gas Detection Made Easy Courses


If you benefit from hands-on learning, face-to-face training classes will take your gas detection knowledge and proficiency to the next level. Choose one of the "Gas Detection Made Easy" courses, or Custom Onsite Course depending on your specific needs. You'll not only improve your personal comfort level with gas detection equipment, but also learn ways to implement best practices that enhance your company's safety culture.

Gas Detection Made Easy Basics

Gas Detection Made Easy
Gas Detection 101

This class provides an introduction to the hazardous world of gas detection and is fundamental for anyone who comes across gas detection in their roles.

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How to Use Gas Detectors

How to Use Gas Detectors
Gas Detection 102

This class will provide an overview of Industrial Scientific gas detectors and how to use them. This class is a pre-requesite for anyone attending the How to Service and Repair class.

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How to Service & Repair Gas Detectors - 103

How to Service & Repair Gas Detectors 
Gas Detection 103

Learn how to properly repair and maintain your gas detection fleet with this hands-on Industrial Scientific gas detector service and repair class.

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Custom Gas Detector Training

Custom On-site Class

Create a custom and onsite Industrial Scientific training course to meet the needs of your gas detection program.

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