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iAssign-app-cap.JPGIndustrial Scientific is pleased to announce that the iAssign™ mobile application is now available on iOS and Android. With the iAssign mobile app, users can quickly and efficiently configure their iAssign™ tags, beacons and Wi-fi for Ventis Pro Instruments. The release of this mobile application introduces an iOS version for the first time and provides a simplified user experience on Android.

The iAssign app makes it simple to use advanced features of the Ventis Pro Series Multi-Gas Monitors to help you:

Spend less time investigating problems by knowing who and where
• Locate problem sites across your facility
• Add worker and location names to your data logs
• Stay compliant with clear and accurate record keeping
• Collect consistent site recordings when technology like GPS is not available

Keep workers out of restricted areas
• Alert workers when entering restricted areas with simple-to-program proximity alarms
• Reduce the need for separate devices, extra signage, or physical
barriers to manage worker clearances

Install and maintain iAssign Beacons with ease
• Configure the coverage areas of your beacons from 1 to 30 meters
• Install intrinsically safe beacons in indoor or outdoor locations

Configuration takes only seconds with an Android or iOS smart device with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

For additional information on iAssign, visit our website at, or contact your local Industrial Scientific representative. Contact information can be found at

Product Bulletin

PB20-06-1 - iAssign Mobile App