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Never Reorder Calibration Gas Again—And Never Run Out

Automatic Calibration Gas Replenishment is a free* service for our DSX Docking Station or iNet customers. Once registered, you will automatically receive a new calibration gas cylinder whenever iNet Control detects a low or expiring cylinder.

By enrolling in the Auto Replenishment Program, you ensure that you and your team are never without calibration gas—and therefore never without a properly calibrated gas detector.

Complete the form below to get enrollment information and never worry about ordering calibration gas again.

*Customer is responsible for the cost of calibration gas.

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How Automatic Calibration Gas Replenishment Works

Join the Auto Replenishment Program to ensure that you and your team are never without calibration gas and properly calibrated gas detectors.

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Become a DSX Docking Station or iNet customer.

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Get a new cylinder of gas automatically when iNet® Control detects low gas levels.

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Connect the new cylinder to your docking station to keep your gas monitors calibrated.