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Gas Monitors: What's Causing the Shortage and How Can I Get Them Now?

Gas Detection Equipment  |   September 21, 2021  |   Laura Faust

The last 18 months have been a continual series of unfortunate events for the global supply chain. First, the pandemic hit, then there were container shortages, winter storms, hurricanes, fires, the blocking of the Suez Canal, and other logistical constraints. These disruptions have resulted in a global shortage of critical items – like semiconductors and plastics. Limited supplies of common manufacturing materials like polyethylene, ethylene, ABS, and nylon are causing companies to raise prices, delay production, or even shut down factories.

These materials may not be top of mind for you, but their end products are. Plastics made from these chemicals are used in almost any product you can think of, from car parts, appliances, and furniture to smartphones and gas monitors. Combine these extreme material shortages with the increase in demand as spending returns to pre-pandemic levels at the same time that natural disasters spur demand during recovery efforts—you can see why this is a huge problem.

Navigating Supply Chain Challenges for Gas Monitors

Despite these supply disruptions, your job remains the same: keep your people, site, and community safe—and that includes making sure your team and site are equipped with the right gas detection equipment. Getting the right gas monitors when you need them is becoming increasingly challenging, with suppliers quoting lead times anywhere between eight weeks and 52 weeks.

Start by reaching out to your current supplier to inquire about their lead times on the gas detection equipment you need. Does their quoted lead time work with your schedule? If not, find out what other monitors are in-stock that fit your needs. For example, here at Industrial Scientific, we can ship Ventis MX4 four-gas monitors and GasBadge Pro single-gas monitors within a week of your order.

You should also ask about gas detector rentals. Some manufacturers, including Industrial Scientific, have a large rental fleet with monitors in stock that you can rent for weeks or months at a time. 

The global supply chain issues will continue to have an impact for a while, but you can reduce the impact on your safety program by partnering with a company that works with you to make sure you get gas monitors when you need them.

We’re ready to help you find both short-term and long-term solutions to the supply chain challenges facing the gas detection industry.

Contact us today for more information on how we can get gas monitors in your hands this week.