Elevate Plant Safety with iNet Platform Solutions

With nearly 140 million alarm events detected, Industrial Scientific offers Chemical workers the ability to consistently meet production goals, improve efficiency, and develop strategies for sustainable growth through a combination of scalable solutions such as iNet Safety Platform, personal multi-gas monitors, and area monitoring.

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Improve Efficiency

Meet production and quality goals with iNet Exchange by eliminating gas monitoring downtown. From flexibility to scalability, optimize resources by getting the exact monitors you need, when you need them, without needing to store spare monitors on site, saving 10-25% on gas detection maintenance programs.

Live & Historical Data

Nearly 475,000 gas detectors are powered by iNet, providing both live and historical data for plant managers to ensure on-site safety through bump tests and calibration reports, live location alarms, and compliance with authority organizations such as OSHA.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Supported by over 16 years of cloud experience, easily pull reports regarding productivity, incidents, and more. Collaborate with other site leads, safety teams, corporate, and more to analyze results and implements new on-site productivity and safety solutions to ensure compliant work environments.

iNet®️ Exchange

It’s the simple way to maintain gas monitors. The iNet Exchange subscription service covers gas detector maintenance, repair, shipping, calibration gas, docking stations, training, and more.

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iNet®️ Control+

Our leading gas detection management software provides unparalleled visibility into your hazards, people, and equipment from anywhere, all in one dashboard.

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iNet®️ Now

Quickly and easily respond to workers in an emergency with real-time alerts showing who is in danger, where they are working, and what hazards they face.

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Operate with confidence during a chemical release using SAFER One’s dynamic plume modeling software that gives you real-time information to proactively respond.

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