Operate with confidence during a chemical release with SAFER One

SAFER One™ Dynamic Plume Modeling Software

Plume Modeling - ForemanSAFER One is plume modeling software that gives you the real-time information you need to proactively respond to a chemical release and reduce the risk to your people, plant, and community.

Easily identify the source, severity, and community impact of a chemical event by integrating real-time data from on-site gas and weather sensors with Google Maps™. Whether it’s for emergency response or everyday use, SAFER One ensures you’re prepared for any chemical situation.

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Identify Impacted Areas – See impacted areas – now and in the future – on a clear map. Aggregate real-time data from gas sensors, weather stations, and local maps to see all vital information in one place.
Stop Leaks Fast – Quickly identify the source of the chemical leak so you can stop it faster.

Communicate Effectively – Generate detailed reports to share with first responders and community stakeholders. Have confidence that your information is up-to-date and accurate, from start to finish.
Automate Event Analysis – Improve efficiency and accuracy by eliminating tedious manual event analysis processes. Allow our proven, patented algorithms to calculate it for you using real-time data.

Take your existing safety processes to the next level with SAFER One

Emergency Response

Accurately predict chemical concentrations along the dispersion path, so you can control the situation from start to finish..

Odor Control

Resolve odor complaints by quickly identifying any leak source at any time to know whether it’s coming from your facility or somewhere else.

Turnarounds & Shutdowns

Simulate what could go wrong, then prepare your crew and emergency response team for these scenarios.

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