Mobile Workers

Mobile workers are safest when they are connected workers.

People who perform work in the field away from a central plant or facility are known as mobile workers. Almost every industry deploys mobile workers including oil and gas, utilities, water treatment, and chemical manufacturing.

Mobile workers may be hundreds of miles from other people or in an isolated part of plant like a blast furnace in a steel mill. Some mobile workers are active outside normal business hours, for example, utility workers investigating a complaint at 3:00am.

fence-line monitoringIf a mobile worker is exposed to dangerous weather, hazardous gas, or has a medical emergency who will know where the worker is located and what caused the emergency?

Keeping Mobile Workers Safe

One way to improve mobile worker safety is to connect workers to live monitoring software. Typically, a smart phone is paired with a gas detector via Bluetooth to send safety data to the cloud and into the hands of a supervisor or safety manager. 


  • Find out in real-time when there is a safety hazard - Receive real-time text or email alerts when there is a high gas, man-down, or panic situation. Set custom alert levels and drill into alert details.
  • Check status at any time - Automatically view worker status and location on a map and avoid error-prone, tedious check-in processes. See updated status every 15 seconds.


  • lone workerCreate peace of mind - Have confidence that someone will have your back in an emergency. If something goes wrong, your equipment will automatically notify someone who can send help.
  • Focus on your job - Don’t worry about missing check-ins or needing to fumble with a safety app, live monitoring software will automatically send your status: green (monitoring), yellow (lost signal), red (gas, man-down, panic alarm) or gray (not connected) to the live map.

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