Turnarounds and Shutdowns

Fenceline1.jpgTurnarounds and shutdowns can be hectic. The influx of maintenance workers, plant employees, and contractors can add confusion and uncertainty to an already complex and busy workplace. While operational processes are typically shut down for less than 5% of the year, 70% of major accidents occur during these non-routine operations. Because of this, maintaining a strong and reliable gas detection program is a part of employee safety. These situations usually drive the need for additional gas detection equipment, maintenance, and training.

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Gas monitoring equipment considerations include:

Fleet Management
Renting gas detectors, docking stations, and accessories makes it simple to expand instrument fleets as needed throughout non-routine operations. Personal and area monitors are available for rent to suit all temporary gas detection needs.

Live Monitoring
iNet® Now live monitoring provides real-time insight to gas exposures and alarm events. With additional workers on site, safety managers can easily track worker status and respond to hazardous incidents as they occur. With Ventis® Pro personal gas detectors, Radius® BZ1 Area Monitors, and a compatible gateway, you can gain complete, real-time visibility into worker safety.

Wireless Monitoring
Wireless monitoring provides real-time data about gas hazards in the workplace to peers nearby or to designated safety personnel who can respond when conditions worsen. Through LENS™ Wireless, users can create mesh networks in just minutes, allowing Ventis Pro personal monitors and Radius BZ1 Area Monitors to share gas readings and alarms with one another. When a gas hazard, man-down, or panic situation causes an instrument to alarm, all peers in the connected group will instantly be notified of the hazard and the person in danger.

Location and User Tracking
iAssign™ technology assigns user and location data to gas detectors. This technology provides insight into who was exposed to a certain gas or panic situation and where they were located at the time of the event. With the influx of personnel during a turnaround or shutdown, knowing this information could be critical when responding to incidents and maintaining accurate records.

Extended Run Time
During a turnaround or outage, reducing downtime is key to maintaining efficiency and productivity. Ventis Pro gas detectors offer 3 different battery options to fit your run time needs. The Radius BZ1 can run continuously for 7 days without a power supply and can run indefinitely with an extended run time power supply.

Properly maintaining gas detectors during a turnaround or shutdown is critical. The DSX™ Docking Station simplifies the calibration and bump testing process for users, uploads gas detector data, and notifies users of a sensor failure or instrument error. Docking stations are available to purchase or rent.

With new (and sometimes unfamiliar) workers on site, it is important to ensure they are properly trained on their gas detection equipment. Numerous training resources are available to educate workers on operating and maintaining their gas detectors. Training is available in person, online, or through webinars.

Digital Permit to Work, LOTO, and JHA
The inherent risk in turnarounds and shutdowns can be made even worse with manual turnaround process management. Often finding the right permits and ensuring the process is followed by staff not typically involved in the process can be difficult and time consuming. With SmartWork digital permits and other automated safety checklists and forms, you can see all of the permits that are active to see where your in-progress work is taking place. For any confined space or hot work where gas monitoring is required, integration with the Ventis Pro enables the gas readings to automatically populate the permit to work. An automated and simplified permit issuing process, with no trips to the central permit office, increases your turnaround efficiency and gives you control in a potentially risky environment. Learn how automating your permits to work and other safety forms can keep your turnarounds and shutdowns on track and your workers safe.

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