Ventis Pro 5: PID Gas Detector 

Protect your workers from volatile organic compounds with one compact personal photoionization detector.

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Introducing the smallest 5-gas PID detector on the market

Equipped with the most advanced and accurate PID sensing technology, the Ventis Pro5 is now the most compact and reliable, connected five-gas personal monitor available to reliably detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs). A versatile and dynamic tool for HSE Managers and Industrial Hygienists. 
Whether you’re gearing up for confined space entries or preparing your emergency response efforts, the new PID sensor for Ventis Pro5 allows users to detect VOCs with the wearable personal gas monitor they’re already using, reducing the need for additional bulky handheld monitors. By limiting the need for supplementary devices, the Ventis Pro5 with PID sensor can help reduce fleet sizes and maintenance pains. Connect to our iNet platform, which allows for live monitoring, data management, and end-to-end maintenance services that provides Safety Managers and Industrial Hygienists a complete package for VOC monitoring. 

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Key Product Specs:


  • Sensor Configuration: PID, ULP IR LEL, COSH, and Long Life O2
  • Up to 20 hours of runtime
  • 10.6eV lamp
  • Isobutylene Calibration Gas (100ppm)
  • 2 min warm-up time upon startup
  • The PID sensor used in the Ventis Pro uses patented technology for improved humidity resistance

Limit the need for additional gas monitors by equipping the Ventis Pro5 with PID sensor.


The most compact 5-gas monitor available for detecting VOCs.

  • Smallest, most advanced, rapid, accurate and consistent PID Sensor. Patented technology for improved humidity resistance.
  • Real-time alerts about worker’s VOC exposure and other dangerous hazards.
  • Multiple connectivity options. Reduce long-term costs by identifying exact location of leaks.
  • Increases productivity by removing the need to use multiple devices from multiple manufacturers. Decreases maintenance by reducing the number of devices in your fleet.

Application Uses






Leak Detection / Air quality monitoring


Confined Space

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