ActiveBlu Technology

The Future of Industrial Wearables

ActiveBlu technology transforms the lives of workers by increasing productivity and safety 
ActiveBlu, maker of the world’s first intrinsically safe beacon certified for use in North America, was founded in 2015 to develop wearable, connected worker technology to enhance worker productivity, safety, and wellbeing. ActiveBlu was acquired by Industrial Scientific in 2017 in an effort to expand the iNet®-as-a-service platform and to develop connected worker solutions. 


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Beacons are small Bluetooth-enabled devices that broadcast location information and messages to smartphones or other Bluetooth devices within range. Beacons are used most often in retail applications to identify when shoppers have entered a particular store so they can instantly receive coupons on their smartphones. For industrial applications, beacons provide a cost-effective and scalable solution to increase worker safety.

ActiveBlu currently offers two beacon options. The AB1000ex Beacon communicates with devices using standard iBeacon™ or Eddystone™ message formats. The iAssign® Beacon communicates with Industrial Scientific devices offering iAssign functionality. Both beacons are extremely simple to install and do not require cables or power. The long battery life and wide operating temperature range of these beacons makes them suitable for both temporary and permanent installation, including indoor or outdoor hazardous locations.

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