Gas Detection Made Easy 103 – How to Service and Repair Gas Detectors

Get the Hands on experience you need

Gas Detection Made Easy 103 gives you the hands-on experience needed to service and repair Industrial Scientific equipment. During this course, you will take instruments apart and put them back together again while learning about service and repair techniques. This training saves you money over time by removing the need to send instruments to the manufacturer when they need maintenance. In addition to servicing instruments, you will learn how to configure and operate the instruments to meet your specific needs. When training is complete, you’ll have the option to take a test and receive a certificate of completion. Register Now.

Before taking this class, you must also take "Gas Detection 102 - How to Use."

Course Content

  • Learn how to properly repair equipment without needing to send it in for service
  • Understand how to configure, operate, and troubleshoot gas detectors with ease
  • Receive a Competent Person How to Service and Repair Gas Detectors certificate of completion

Please note, that in order to receive your certificate of completion for this Gas Detection 103 - How to Service and Repair Gas Detectors class, you must have also attended a Gas Detection 102 - How to Use Gas Detectors Class.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who uses or maintains gas detection equipment, or anyone who is in charge of worker or environmental health and safety, would benefit from this class.

“As the maintenance trainer, I am responsible for training the mechanics that work the off shifts, this plus the online training has helped me prepare to train this material and know what to look at when having our mechanics perform a skill demonstration.” – Daniel B.

“This was honestly the best training class that I have been to. It was a very good combination of classroom learning and hands on learning. I felt that at the end of the class, I was capable of being a competent technician for our monitors in our plant.” – Trent B.

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