Introducing iNet® Now – Worker Safety in Real Time

Introducing iNet® Now – Worker Safety in Real Time

Industrial Scientific | Thursday, September 28, 2017

Gas detectors are great at what they do. They get workers’ attention when they’re in the presence of hazardous gas. They let workers know when to keep working and when to evacuate. What happens, however, when something goes wrong?  It could be a gas incident, a medical emergency, or an injury. Who will know that the worker is incapacitated? How will anyone know what the issue is and where the worker is in order to send help? Standard check-in processes can help you to know when a worker arrives and leaves a location, or reassure you every hour or so that a worker is OK, but what if something happens between check-ins?

As a safety leader, these questions may be keeping you up at night. It can be difficult to track where your workers are located at any given moment throughout the day. You may have no real-time data about the workers, their equipment, or the hazards they encounter. You may not have the ability to respond to safety incidents in real time when they occur, meaning it could take hours or days to know that something went wrong.

How can you truly be responsible for worker safety if you have no idea what’s happening in the moment?

iNet Now lets you see worker location
and status on a map.

On September 19,  2017, Industrial Scientific launched iNet® Now Live Monitoring Software. iNet Now allows safety managers to have real-time visibility into the status and condition of workers and instruments in the field by viewing a live map. Text and email alerts keep safety leaders in the loop, even when they are away from the office.

One of the best things about iNet Now is that it provides a high degree of safety with little effort to get up and running. The field worker simply downloads the iNet Now Sync app to a smart device, which runs in the background to send gas detector data to the cloud. That’s it. No IT setup, infrastructure installation, or complicated systems.

Here are a few of the many applications in which live monitoring excels at providing an added layer of safety:

Lone Workers

iNet Now gives lone workers the peace of mind that someone has their back in an emergency. Whether workers are isolated from their team members or are unaccompanied in the field, they are never truly alone with iNet Now.

Emergency Response Teams

Emergency response teams use the Radius BZ1 and Ventis Pro with LENS Wireless to monitor hazardous sites from a safe distance. iNet Now further enhances safety at emergency response sites by providing real-time alerts and an updated map showing worker and instrument status allowing safety personnel to see what’s happening before entering a potentially hazardous location.

Confined Space Entry Teams

Confined space entry teams consist of a small group of mobile workers with LENS Wireless connected instruments, feeding real-time data and alerts to the hole watch or attendant. iNet Now also provides a map showing worker and instrument status so that safety personnel can monitor conditions in and around the confined space.

Keep a lookout in the coming weeks for additional blog posts detailing how to use live monitoring along with LENS Wireless in each of these scenarios and remember: jobsite hazards may often be invisible, but your workers don’t have to be.

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