How Rugged are Your Gas Detectors?

How Rugged are Your Gas Detectors?

Industrial Scientific | Friday, May 26, 2017

Everyone knows that industrial gas detectors are supposed to be rugged, but standards in quality can vary greatly depending on the instrument and manufacturer. If you’re frustrated with poor workmanship, having to put garbage bags over your area monitors when it rains, for example, or constantly sending dropped personal gas detectors in for warranty replacements, you’re not alone. The time and money spent on making sure instruments hold up to basic durability standards can be overwhelming. That’s why we wanted to share with you an incredible story about gas detector resiliency—the story of an MX6 iBrid gas detector through a mining operation.

MX6 Mine Journey, A Rugged Gas Detector

  • A fire boss at the Harrison County Mine was carrying an MX6 iBrid when it accidentally fell out of its carrying case onto the pan line on the long wall section.
  • It traveled down the long wall, through a crusher, and over a booster drive for approximately 1.5 miles. Then it traveled on multiple belt lines for about 8 miles until it was dumped into a silo.
  • It traveled 5 miles, then went through a coal/rock separator, and eventually was loaded onto a truck. The truck dumped its contents onto the ground, including the MX6, which was found by a worker and sent to the equipment manager.
  • The equipment manager hit the power button, and to his surprise, the MX6 turned on! He sent it into repair to get a new rubber case and screen and to have it checked for proper function.
  • The MX6 was returned a few weeks later to the original fire boss who lost it!

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