Fence Line and Perimeter Monitoring

Fenceline1.jpgFence line and perimeter gas monitoring create a detection barrier around a site that poses the danger of accidental leaks. Gases like methane, benzene, and other volatile organic compounds or toxic gases put workers, residents, and the surrounding area at risk. Continuously monitoring for harmful gases is critical for everyone’s safety.

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Gas monitoring equipment considerations for both temporary and long-term configurations include:

Wireless Area-Monitoring 
LENS Wireless allows the Radius BZ1 to communicate with other area monitors and personal gas detectors. Users can create a mesh network with Radius BZ1 and Ventis Pro Series instruments to share hazardous information across a wide area. When using the RGX Gateway, this information is sent in real-time to the cloud, where a supervisor can get immediate visibility into the workplace conditions.

Ease of Set-up and Operation
User-friendly equipment removes the need for IT setup, added infrastructure, and installation costs. Anyone from full-time employees to contract workers should be able to set up the equipment in minutes.

Maintenance and Compliance
The DSX Docking Station provides automated calibration, bump testing, record keeping, and instrument diagnostics. Automated data acquisition and reporting support compliance with safety and environmental regulations.  

Battery Life
Extended battery life helps with increased productivity and equipment reliability. Ventis Pro gas detectors offer 3 different battery options to fit your run time needs. The Radius BZ1 can run continuously for 7 days on battery power and can run indefinitely with an extended run time power supply.

Multi-gas Monitoring
Multi-gas detection capability provides flexibility and is especially useful for industrial applications where a mixture of gas pollutants can be expected. The Radius BZ1 provides users with many sensor options for each application.

Intrinsic Safety 
Intrinsically safe equipment is essential, especially when covering a wide area where possible ignition sources are outside of a controlled environment.

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