Repair Estimates

Curious about what goes into your repair estimate? Check out the list below to ensure there are no surprises.

All non-warranty orders will receive a fixed rate labor fee. This fee varies by product type and configuration. Examples include, multi or single gas, pumped or aspirated monitors, docking stations, area monitors, etc.

Mandatory Parts
Mandatory parts are non-conforming components that fail to meet factory specifications. These parts must be replaced to receive a factory calibration certificate. If these parts are declined, the unit will not be repaired and will be returned as received. This may include both warranty and non-warranty parts.

Optional Parts
While these items are still meeting factory specifications, we recommend replacing them for optimal performance. These items are close to "end of life expectancy" and you might consider having them replaced while the unit is in for servicing.

Alternative Options
In the event where repairing a unit does not make sense, either due to obsolescence or repair cost, we may offer a new or certified pre-owned (CPO) instrument.