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When Emergencies Strike, Consider Gas Detector Rental

Gas Detection Equipment  |   November 21, 2017  |   Jason Wright

When you need gas detectors, and need them quickly, renting is the most efficient and effective route. Gas detectors can be readied and delivered the very next day—or even the same day—in some cases. Whether the driving factor is a natural disaster, an accident, or just an overlooked or unplanned turnaround or outage, turning to gas detector rental may be your best option.

Natural Disasters

As anyone on the Gulf Coast of the United States can tell you, storms such as hurricanes or tornadoes can have a devastating effect on the operations of a refinery, chemical plant, or any other business. In some cases, your gas detectors could be destroyed or inoperable due to the flooding and other damage.

Renting personal gas detectors can also serve as a backup to fixed systems. In some cases, power is not available to run fixed point gas monitors that are typically running continuously while your plant is operational. Renting personal gas monitors allows you to protect your people no matter where thy go until your fixed systems are back up and running.

Gas detectors are a crucial safety tool to not only protect the emergency crew responding to the event, but also to protect the maintenance teams who are working to get the plant up and running again. Rentals provide a quick and easy solution and can assist in getting your plant back on its feet.

Hazmat Situations

First responders typically have standard gas detection equipment to cover them during many of their response calls. However, what happens when there is a need to detect a gas for which they do not have a sensor? For example, if there is a chlorine or ammonia spill, and cleanup and remediation is needed, a standard 4-gas monitor would not do the trick. A chlorine or ammonia detector is needed, but only for a day or week. These types of gas detectors are more expensive to buy and maintain than your average H2S or 4-gas monitor.

Renting is ideal in this instance because you can receive the monitor quickly and rentals come freshly calibrated. Local rental facilities may be able to provide these rentals immediately. 

Unplanned or Forgotten Turnaround or Outage

It’s happened to all of us—our days are filled with tasks and activities that require our precise attention to detail. Everything is checked off the list, but somewhere down the line, the extra (or different) gas detectors needed for the job didn’t make the list. Now the turnaround starts tomorrow and 50 maintenance workers need gas detectors ASAP!

What about unplanned shutdowns? Not every outage has advanced notice and plenty of planning time. Sometimes turnarounds, shutdowns, or outages arise immediately. Whether it’s one that “got away” or one that quickly became a reality, renting gas detection equipment is probably going to be your fastest avenue.

When it comes to covering your unexpected gas detector needs, timing is everything. Who can you rely on to provide gas detector rental in the moment? Think about rental for emergencies, turnarounds, or shutdowns, and put your gas detection rental providers to the test.

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