SAFER One® Dynamic Plume Modeling Software

Get real-time, predictive information to proactively respond to a chemical release and reduce the risk to your people, plant, and community with SAFER One® Dynamic Plume Modeling Software.  

Plume maps identify the source & severity of a chemical event with real-time data. Make informed decisions about when, where, and how to respond to a chemical event.

plume modeling software

Ensure the Safety for Your Community with Dynamic Plume Modeling Software

Impacted Areas icon

See Impacted Areas

Pinpoint danger zones on a map that combines real-time data from gas sensors, weather stations, and local traffic patterns.

stop leaks

Stop Leaks Fast

Immediately identify the source of a chemical leak so you can stop it quickly.

Communicate Confidently  icon

Communicate Confidently 

Effectively and accurately communicate your plans with first responders and stakeholders using detailed reports.

Eliminate Manual Process icon

Eliminate Manual Processes

Improve efficiency by automating post-event analysis and odor-complaint processes.

Proactively Respond with Plume Models

Access all the critical information you need to quickly identify the source, severity, and community impact of a chemical event. Integrate real-time data from on-site gas monitors, weather sensors, and Google Maps™ to make informed decisions about when, where, and how to respond.

  • Industrial Scientific has definitely made our company safer. Knowing what our personnel are being exposed to and being able to react to those exposures quickly and effectively makes this program worth the investment, which is what it is—an investment in the safety of our employees and contractors.
    Global health and safety manager,

    leading pulp and paper manufacturer

  • I’m thankful that with Industrial Scientific, we have all of our gas detection information in one central system. We don’t need to use different systems to access historical and live data anymore. Having iNet, we have a reliable system for real-time readings and historical readings for investigations.
    Health and safety leader,

    leading refinery